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We’re passionate about helping people to create what they've always dreamed of, whether a vision needs help or a Design Concept needs achieved from scratch. Our Clients enjoy developing a relationship with our Distinctive Homes Team. Simple Definition of Distinctive, having a quality or characteristic that makes a person or thing different from others; different in a way that is easy to notice; appealing or interesting because of unusual qualities or characteristic’s. Our team offers this creativeness for your project, whether a larger project or a smaller project. We personally customize and adapt to accommodate your individual needs and desired lifestyles. To create a Custom Signature Home with unique and Distinctive Style, while maintaining exceptional flow & function for each individualized project.

Our level of professionalism, customer service and attention to detail is second to none. Designing and Building Signature Luxury Homes, is the happy melding of information, experience and communication. E. Wayne Thomas Construction has molded that formula into a process that is unique to our organization; a process that has proven itself with gratifying regularity. Our work is as much about character & integrity, as it is about craftsmanship. It's a symbol of our commitment and a reflection of the lives of those who enjoy the “distinctive” and lasting expressions we create.

E. Wayne Thomas Construction is comprised of members who have a substantial background in Design-Build, New Home Construction, Remodel and Renovation Building. We remain updated on the latest materials and trends in Residential Design and Construction so that we are able to find the best solutions for our Clients. Our service doesn't stop after your project is complete. We want to ensure that your dream fulfillment continues for years to come. We understand that in order to maintain our excellent referral base, we have to be there for our Clients long after the project is complete. We stand by our workmanship and use the finest products available in the Market. While also helping make sure you understand how to use and maintain the new products and materials installed in your new home.

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